Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Roger Ebert: The Essential Man

Roger Ebert has been a favorite film critic of mine since I first saw At the Movies with him and the late Gene Siskel. I may not have agreed with him on some movies, but you could tell he truly loved the filmmaking process.

This article written by Chris Jones of Esquire has been floating throughout the net right now and is a great read on his recent life:


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Comments on the Oscar Nominations


  • I'm glad DISTRICT 9 got a Best Picture nomination. One of the good points of switching to ten nominations.
  • Jeremy Renner gets his just reward. Take that you stupid Golden Globes!
  • Really hoping Bigelow wins it this time.
  • A lot of pissed off people at the snub of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Still haven't seen it yet nor do I have a great urge to despite liking the book. A.O. Scott is crying some where in New York.
  • Apparently, the really dark and hard to see shots in the Harry Potter film deserved getting a nom in Cinematography.
  • I do kinda wish Zoe Saldana would have gotten some respect instead of some art film no one saw with Helen Mirren.
  • Suck on it TRANSFORMERS! Your visual effects of robot scrotums deserve nothing.
  • The exclusion of PONYO was odd. The Academy likes Miyazaki and his work. I do now want to see this THE SECRET OF KELLS and I'm glad it took away a spot from any of the mediocre animated films released in America.

Overall, I expected the selection and okay with it for the large part. And now, let the battle of the ex-spouses continue.