Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fury - Review

A wet-behind-the-ears desk clerk (Logan Lerman) is assigned to replace a fallen soldier, who was previously the front gunner of a battle-hard, five-men-operated tank, led by a ruthless but still sensitive Sergeant (Brad Pitt). David Ayer's FURY is satisfactory at best. It's simply an old-fashioned WII pic but with some more "fucks" thrown in, plus the addition of green and red lasers. No joke, the gunfire looks like it came straight out of the G.I. Joe cartoon and proves to be very distracting to this viewer. Anyway, though the action is violently brutal and the film ends with an exciting final stand, the script possesses no new incite into the war beyond some kid soldiers and a few quotable lines. It also doesn't help that you pin point every outcome and twist in the story, including an excruciatingly long scene in an apartment. All of the characters are just basic stereotypes (Stern teacher, preacher, Mexican, Southern boy, virgin) but thankfully the five actors are able to scrounge up some individual talent (Pitt and Jon Bernthal being the best) and show off some good chemistry with each other. Additionally, I will say that my screening was plagued by bad speakers and sound mixing, so the loud warfare scenes came off more flat and quiet. But even if management fixed the issue, FURY is still only an okay feature, worth it if he pay for cheap tickets or the eventual Redbox rental.


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