Friday, July 10, 2015

Omar Sharif - RIP

Omar Sharif has died. He was 83 years old.

After working in the film business of his native land of Egypt for a decade, he would quickly become an international star after taking on the supporting role of Sharif Ali in David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia. Three years later, he would rejoin with Lean as the lead in his next epic, the romantic Soviet drama Dr. Zhivago. He would then play opposite to Barbra Streisand in and Funny Girl and Funny Lady. Later roles would see him bounce between westerns, action flicks, and the occasional comedy before then settling on for roles as an elderly Arab man.

Sharif was a curious rarity during his time of great fame: he was an actor of color that would headline big budget movies and often sweep a Caucasian woman off her feet. Making his female audiences' hearts a-flutter also helped his cause as one of the best stars of a bygone era.

He will be missed.

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