Thursday, February 20, 2014

Poster Review - February 2014

Coming right off the mighty vibes of its trailer reveal, the first official poster for the Guardians of the Galaxy is simple and effective. Notice how Rocket Raccoon is in the front and Chris Pratt is doing his best Han Solo pose. The "From the..." ascription, however, clearly shows that Marvel is still fearful that the general public won't connect the dots and be informed of this being the next step in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also, the bottom tagline is smarmy goodness.

After a series of brilliantly crafted teaser posters, we finally have the first theatrical poster for Godzilla. This one references the powerful imagery of its teaser trailer but still stubbornly refuses to reveal Big G's face. Please let it not be another T-Rex head.

See, this how a striking design can stand your horror product out. Probably won't be very good, especially considering the skeletal warnings and rich crimson coloring are hampered by the PG-13 rating.

So, if I download the app, will I receive a better poster? Let's gloss over the stupid "second screen" film gimmick for a minute and take a good look at this "art": The film's young girl(?) hero is apparent Lisbeth-lite, drives a motorcycle, and is set to battle with SHODAN with just her iPod Nano. Talk about a crowd-filler.

Need further proof why romantic comedies are still on a major bad streak? You could remove the title and replace anything up there, the best, of course, being Patton Oswalt's rom-com standard title, Trying to Fuck. Are glasses now a sign for ghost writers? Why is Kaley Cuoco happy while Chris Klein retains a "I farted" smirk? Is she feeling his "diction" and approving of it?

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