Monday, April 14, 2014

Trailer Review - Gone Girl

Gone Girl
1st Trailer
Watch It Here

Person of Interest: Ben Affleck as the desperate husband/possible murderer of a missing woman, Rosamund Pike as the titled character, Kim Dickens and Patrick Fugit as the detectives on the case, and, ugh, Tyler Perry as some guy with glasses.

Scene Pop: Wrong time for a smile.

Briggs Breakdown: Nothing really to talk about here. It pretty much informs us of the film's story without the need for heightened action cuts, save for the angry glass break.

Effective?: Yes, as stated right above. It certainly looks like a David Fincher film, right down to Jeff Cronenweth' dark cinematography. It's clear that Fincher is deliberately deconstructing the thriller genre yet again; As briefly seen here, Pike is often called to be emotionless and stiff as a cadaver, so that the reveal of her death in the closing is no surprise and it furthers paints Affleck as the likely killer. Richard Butler's cover of "She", most famously used by Elvis Costello for the rom-com Notting Hill, is given proper prominence, especially since the trailer editor cut the footage to match up perfectly with the words and to give the film a melancholic, haunting attitude.

Check it Out?: Yes. It's already going to be suited to reach a wider audience base, as it has been reported to feature a different outcome from the book. Maybe this will finally be the feature that will give some Oscar love to Fincher, after being unfortunately passed over and/or highlighted for his more dreadful productions.

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