Friday, April 18, 2014

Trailer Review - Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys
1st Trailer
Watch It Here

Person of Interest: John Lloyd Young (reprising his Broadway role as Frankie), Erich Bergen, Vincent Piazza (not Robert Pattinson), and Michael Lomenda as The Four Seasons. Also, Christopher Walken.

Scene Pop: I got nothing.

Briggs Breakdown: 6 classic songs that will have you buy the soundtrack.

Effective?: Yes but it's pretty vanilla. Except for Clint Eastwood's odd use of the Martin Scorsese point blank narration, nothing so far seems to make the picture stand out beyond the music.

Check it Out?: I'll obviously attend a screening with a friend or family member but I'm still hesitant to believe it will be more than just a basic jukebox musical. At least it's highly likely going to a masterpiece compared to Rock of Ages.

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