Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Open Grave - Review

A ragged, amnesiac man (Sharlto Copley) wakes up in a huge pit full of corpses, only able to escape with the help of a mute woman. He heads towards a cabin and meets up with several more people with no memory of their lives or of the dangerous scenario that are currently embedded into. Make no mistake, figuring out the mystery can be accomplished after the first couple of recollective clues; Hell, you can even call it once you see how many bodies are littered in the titled hole and spot what marks are on the skin. Once you solve the puzzle, you are then just sitting through this sluggish horror indie, impatiently waiting for the characters to remember everything and for more bad twist of fates to be sprung. Of course, this whole dilemma could have resolved quickly if the mentioned mute wasn't written like a mentally challenged person. She has her memories intact but she can't speak to the others, nor can see write it out unless in Kanji. But the screenwriters, Chris and Eddie Borey, seem to forget that a person can also draw images on to paper, even with a crude touch. I would have loved to see the pack getting frustrated playing Pictionary for a spell rather than all of the yelling and gun-pointing the movie instead features. I will say this though: Other than the satisfactory acting, director Gonzalo López-Gallego did an okay job for once, several years after bequeathing the abomination APOLLO 18 on us all. At least the villains aren't rock spiders this time around.


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