Thursday, July 24, 2014

Trailer Review - Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey
1st Trailer
Watch It Here

Person of Interest: Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele and Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey.

Scene Pop: "Enlighten me, then."

Briggs Breakdown: 3 shots of Dornan mouth agape, too many shots of him being stern, 2 scenes of aerial thrills, a creepy family dinner table scene, and a cheeky S&M montage at the end.

Effective?: Yes. It lays out the attractiveness and chemistry between the two characters and slowly releases the darker aspects of the story, until ultimately climaxing (heh) with a rush of kink and implied nudity. The only awful element is that rancid remix of "Crazy In Love", derailing all of the titillation.

Check it Out?: I would say so, but the idea of seeing this with a huge crowd of squealing women on Valentine's Day and the opening weekend is kinda weird. If the sexiness works, you'll have a bunch of people ruining it with catcalls and other exclamations. But, on the other hand, viewing it in a sold out screening does have an forbidden aura, just like going to an adult theater except, you know, a bit more cleaner.

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