Monday, September 1, 2014

The Quiet Ones - Review

A group of English college students and their supernatural-disapproving professor (Jared Harris) are conducting a thorough psychological study on a human test subject named Jane (Olivia Cooke). When the funding is pulled and they are booted from their city dwelling, they all move out to a derelict house in the woods, where of course Jane will finally reveal and expose her literal inner demons. THE QUIET ONES has three things going for itself: a delectable Harris, an unnerving performance by Cooke, and a range of sexy 70's outfits that supporting actress Erin Richards pours herself into. The rest of the film's offerings is the same ole horror theatrics, so expect to experience many lame jump scares and a utter lack of forward momentum. Every potential viewer, whether or not they saw the trailer, obviously knows that the real action doesn't come until the very end and when it reaches that section, the results are more laughable than scary. The few different story ideas it's able to bring to the table, such as switching between found footage and standard storytelling or displaying why the group needs to keep coming back to the house, are a bit clever but still not pleasing to fully bare. Not a truly worthy rental, especially with Halloween around the corner.


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