Friday, September 26, 2014

Wrinkles - Review

When his son is finally unable to handle the strain of dealing with his growing display of Alzheimer's, Emilio is checked into a senior citizen medical facility. There, the former bank manager becomes friends with his mischievous roommate Miguel and tries to combat the fate of being sent upstairs with the other "assisted" residents. This Spanish animated film has a nicely warm comic-book aesthetic, which works wonders during the few surreal scenes. However, I don't really see or get its main point. It's just a hour and a half of human misery; its animated design doesn't cushion any of the weighty matter. Furthermore, except for Miguel, every single character has some sort of crippling disability that it makes you wonder why the foreshadowing second floor is even necessary when everyone needs full-time assistance. If you do somehow forgive its continuous display of elderly grief, you may be appeased by the picture but it can not erase the torment of the unquestionably ill-humored final scene.


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