Friday, September 18, 2015

What's Next on Netflix? - Week 37 of 2015

Want to find out what movies are heading to Netflix Streaming? I got your back.

Upcoming Netflix Streaming Titles

9/18 - Keith Richards: Under The Influence

9/22 - Philomena, Smosh: The Movie

9/23 - The Loft

9/24 - Iris (2015)

9/26 - The Canyons

9/29 - Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, Monster High: Boo York

9/30 - Midnight's Children*, Ned Rifle

10/16 - Beasts Of No Nation

11/6 - Master Of None (Netflix Original Series)

11/20 - Jessica Jones (Netflix Original Series)

12/11 - The Ridiculous Six

What to Watch This Week

The latest Netflix exclusive documentary is Keith Richards: Under The Influence, where director Morgan Neville (20 Feet From Stardom) follows the Rolling Stones guitarist as he recounts his musical influences. And coming at the very end of the week is Iris, the latest from legendary documentarian Albert Maysles about the life and fashion of Iris Apfel.

New Streaming Titles I Previously Forgot to Mention

Jason Reitman continues his downward spiral with his worst film to date, Men, Women & Children; Dolph Lundgren and Tony Jaa bust up some human traffickers in Skin Trade; Quentin Dupieux returns with another surreal indie, Reality; and rather shockingly, Netflix now has the controversial cult film The Beast.

I'll see you again next Friday.

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