Sunday, May 22, 2016

Keanu - Review

Rell (Jordan Peele) quickly recovers from a bad breakup when a cute kitten ends up on his doorstep. This new bliss is sadly only temporary, as the newly named Keanu is spirited away by unknown intruders. Roping in his close cousin Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key), the two's search for the missing cat leads them into a world of drug running and renegade assassins. KEANU works as a cinematic entry point for the Key & Peele brand of humor, allowing the comedy duo to shine in their own special manner and establish a great counterpoint to all of the Ferrells, Apatows, Rogens and other white voices that are offered to the public. I do stress this as a starter piece as the two don't really go for broke with their material, instead delivering a simple story with easy to solve consequences despite all of the harsh violence and language surrounding the two squirming softies. Though it is funny throughout the picture, the two comedians certainly squeeze the ever living out of jokes around the discography of George Michael and the easy art of fronting, which get a bit tiresome by the halfway point. Though I do wish Key & Peele were a little more edgy out of the gate, again, this movie is perfectly fine with what it wants to be: a clean and efficient debut for one of most popular comedic voices today.


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