Thursday, July 28, 2016

Internet Famous - Review

Five internet stars head to Los Angeles in order to compete for the award of Best Web Star of the Year and earn a chance to have their own television show. Why the most of them want to give up their cushy laissez faire lifestyles, earning thousands of dollars from each individual video they post online, for a grueling job with less pay and a high chance of failure is never answered and is the less of this film's glaring problems. INTERNET FAMOUS is a dreadful mockumentary that not only steals the filming style of Christopher Guest but quite shamelessly plagiarizes BEST IN SHOW for all that it can. It's a movie destined to evaporate with the sands of time, as it rests entirely on you knowing and still caring for viral video people like that guy who did "Chocolate Rain" or that girl on Vine. It's also a complete corporate product: the film is produced by Maker Studios, a leading internet video network, poorly directed by Michael J. Gallagher, who's a co-founder of Maker, and headlined by Shane Dawson, who just so happens to be one of Maker's leading "celebrities". Dawson spends his entire time trying to be edgy, mixing his character's prima donna behavior with dark humor about Hurricane Katrina or being in a shipped romance called Hamas. Too bad he's one-note and tiresome, just like the majority of the cast and their individual stereotypes like dumb dad, booby lady, pretentious filmmaker and horny Latino. The only one who seemed to shine from this gutter, even beyond the slumming talents of Missi Pyle, Michael Lerner and John Michael Higgins, was Wendy McColm as an aspiring actress who's haunted by a bad dance video that was remixed by a different user and blew up. She clearly has good comic timing but she is unable to often show it because the film spends its energy severely dumping on her with bad news and bad breaks. Do not give this a thumbs up nor subscribe to its pathetic ideals about the future of media talent.


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