Sunday, July 3, 2016

Fifty Shades of Black - Review

Hoping to lampoon something that has already been mocked since its inception, Marlon Wayans and his band of misfits bring forth another terrible parody film by trying to skewer FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, only to fail unspectacularly like most Wayans works. FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK takes a now-unpopular movie that was hellishly boring and makes it aggressively annoying and ribald to a fault. Normal eyes will shun it quickly thanks to some distasteful jokes about Bill Cosby, Black Lives Matter, waterboarding and equating the sexualization of whipping with certain famous movies about slavery. If they made a swipe at Chris Brown, however, my bingo card of bad taste would have been complete. Instead, the makers wanted to give that scumbag a pass in order to promote his song contribution to the film without any retaliation. Since I have sat through tripe like this before, I was not shocked by the gross-outs and the vulgarity because I expected it all. I knew when the "n" word would be uttered, when a black woman would again be called a bitch or a slut, when something would be licked extensively, when a rubber dick would come into play, and when another du jour reference would be said and date the picture even more. My skills of predicting bad comedy is so advanced at this point that when there's a scene where Christian was trying to hide quotes from Cuba Gooding Jr. movies to no avail, I noted that the final punchline would come from SNOW DOGS and was positively correct. This pathetic excuse of a parody will quickly die as they often do these days so I really don't need to tell you further that you should avoid this plague.


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