Monday, March 10, 2014

Poster Review - March 2014

Damn you, Godzilla marketing team! Not only do you craft another masterful piece but you made it a SXSW-only exclusive.

Gee Disney, Black Swan much?

Ladies and gentlemen, the best film poster of 2014. Simply ravishing.

Yesterday, Dr. Will Caster also believed that the truth can be adjusted, your future has been adjusted, and that this will be the most terrifying film you will ever experience.

That battle of course being his struggle to overcome his vertigo affliction and defeating Graviton.

...the hell?

You need to sell the public on accepting a western film, desperately trying not to have it bomb at the box office like the others, and the poster you came up is the protagonist holding up a sheep? It was nice of Seth MacFarlane to hire Paris Hilton's long-lost older sister to pose as Charlize Theron.

Dios Mios! How could they get any worst after Walk of Shame's American poster? Elizabeth Banks' head has been entirely replaced so she can look more stoned out of her gourd, speeding cars and buildings(?) have been added, and her dress have been treated to the absolute worst photoshopping I have ever seen. Has there ever been a bus bench placed AWAY from traffic?

Nice 80's horror throwback styling and a clever visual gag.

All hail King Optimus Prime! Simply badass.

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