Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Poster Review - January 2015

Man, I haven't done one of these since May. Oh well, what can do? Now then, let's check out some posters for movies coming out this year.

I was giving out on this during my winter movie season article and I can't stop my ire. The movie will surely bomb hard this weekend, even more so that Blackhat's $4 million premiere pull. Seriously, who would see this poster (including kids) in the lobby and honestly say, "Yes, I want to see this nondescript, ugly troll movie."

I agree with everyone else: this is a pretty awesome teaser.

Now, I'm still not won over by this found footage horror movie, but this poster is bold. It cleverly informs you of the key plot points while also retaining the film's dark view at the internet age and the sociology of teenagers online.

A great twist on the fairly generic Truman Show model.

This poster had many nerds salivating, solely because of the presence of Freddy's Power Gloved Glove from Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. It's boyishly cool but after you sit through the trailer, you will begin to hate seeing this poster again.

Ah, another terribly photoshopped poster for a Hollywood comedy. What's wrong with Tom Wilkinson? What's Dave Franco looking at? Also, we can tell there are on a business trip because they are wearing suits and Franco is carrying around a backpack. Why did you need to include a giant airplane? Why couldn't you just bring the European background far more forward?

Trying to invoke horror movie posters of yesteryears a la Rosemary's Baby, it's severely undercut by the prominent PG-13 rating and the boring Twitter handle. And what is with the "U"?

Pretty damn striking. It will certainly win for Best Twitter Handle for a Movie come next January.

The movie is sure to be terrible but I just absolutely love this and the other variants.

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