Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Superfast! - Review

Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg sadly return again with another one of their beyond awful spoof movies, this time mocking THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. Notice that I said the first movie, not the whole franchise itself; yes, it does throw in some digs at FAST FIVE but for the most part it solely targets a film that came out 14 years ago. Though this type of "comedy" is once again totally laughter-free and looks like chump change despite a production budget of $20 million, there's something shocking to declare: the pathetic duo actually put some care into their product! Several early scenes actually have decent lightning schemes, presenting a wave of dark moods and colors to the illegal street-racing. The two even nearly craft an entire spoof movie without any additional visual non-sequiturs, only to spring up a Grand Theft Auto V jest right out of nowhere. Alas, these promising developments are short-lived and Seltzer and Friedberg return to their putrid ways. Honestly, they really should have throw in some intolerable random references because they offer up no real jokes to speak off. The two often just have their third-rate performers break the fourth wall badly, such as how the crew needs "a random rapper cameo" in order to get the urban demographic or how the music is very ominous in one scene. Other wisecracks are poorly thought-out, like the running gag of The Cool Asian always eating something, or simply dreadful, like the unbearable anti-comedy of a guy unable to get a seatbelt to work. Also, it's pretty hard to accept jabs at Paul Walker and his character in this day and age; the actor playing Not Brian O'Conner is another story. I would say to avoid this but since Seltzer and Friedberg are now roughing it out in the indies, it's easier to do than say.


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