Friday, June 19, 2015

What's Next on Netflix? - Week 24 of 2015

Want to find out what movies are heading to Netflix Streaming? I got your back.

Upcoming Netflix Streaming Titles

6/19 - A Most Wanted Man

6/20 - Cake*

6/23 - Advantageous*

6/24 - Beyond The Lights*

6/25 - Ballet 422*

6/26 - What Happened, Nina Simone?

6/27 - The Reluctant Fundamentalist

7/10 - Chris Tucker Live

7/31 - Wet Hot American Summer: First Day At Camp (Netflix Original Series)

What to Watch This Week

Slim pickens right now but there are a few excellent picks. A Most Wanted Man was one of last year's underrated films and boasted one of the few remaining performances from the sadly departed Philip Seymour Hoffman. Also in the den of 2015 sleepers is Beyond The Lights, the showbiz movie that brought romance back to the silver screen. And if you want to be a fly on the wall and see the inner workings of NYC ballet, look no further than Ballet 422.

New Streaming Titles I Previously Forgot to Mention

No. 5 on my worst of 2014 list, Leprechaun: Origins. Spoiler: There is no leprechaun.

I'll see you again next Friday.

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