Monday, June 1, 2015

The Green Inferno Finally Has a Release Date!

2015 will certainly be a great year for horror writer-director Eli Roth. First, his newest film Knock, Knock premiere at this year's Sundance to some critical praise and won over the Internet when its official trailer premiered online. Now, he's gets to pull a Spielberg and have two films come out in the same year. His previous film The Green Inferno, long postponed due to in-fighting between its production companies and a resident of my MIA movies list, is set to be released to the general public.

Blumhouse Pictures, through its new genre label BH Tilt, now owns the distribution rights and plans on setting it a blaze on September 25. In movie theaters I mean, not some weird type of anti-consumeristic display of the worthlessness of the products generated by the film industry. Anyway, joking aside, Blumhouse and Universal Pictures retrieved the film from Worldwide Entertainment and Open Road Films, who were engaging in a blood feud over who's to pay for the film's marketing, causing it to be pulled from theaters mere weeks away late last year.

Despite my cheering for a film that was finally able to escape distribution purgatory, The Green Inferno will be a hard pill to swallow by the general public. The film is a modern take on the infamous Italian cannibal films of old but with no despicable animal killings this time around. Unless the public wants to celebrate Halloween early and/or still have the stomach for dark violence, the movie will only find its audience with gorehounds and Roth defenders.

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