Saturday, November 28, 2015

Dangerous Men - Review

If it wasn't for the sheer fact that DANGEROUS MEN premiered in four theaters back in 2005, it would have easily and cleanly won the award for Worst Film of 2015. It would also win Best Guilty Pleasure and maybe even make it on to my Best of 2015 list as well. Though my viewing of it was widely helped by an equally appreciating and bewildered crowd, I do think it is safe to say that DANGEROUS MEN is a great addition to the "so bad it's good" pantheon and a new top pick in the world of WTF cinema. Journeying through this unspoiled is the way to go so I will have to be discreet about any further details. It starts off with the makings of a revenge thriller and then goes insane as writer/director/producer/composer John Rad tries to salvage whatever he was trying to do. You get some of the greatest hits of Z-grade filmmaking: bad environmental transitions, random sex scenes, a person clearly reading from his script, badly edited-in explosions, tattoos that rub off, and rock climbing. All that plus Black Pepper, who has to be one of the worst villains in movie history. Thank you Drafthouse Films, for making me laugh at bad art, again.


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