Monday, November 23, 2015

The Connection - Review

THE CONNECTION looks at the French side of "The French Connection", showing how a massive drug syndicate impacted the city of Marseille with a large influx of heroin and corrupt business dealings and how highly motivated judicial magistrate Pierre Michel led a police unit to break the racket up. Those searching for something along the same lines of the great 70's police procedurals, including the William Friedkin masterpiece that it wishes to stand next to, will find some substance to partake with but will find themselves disappointed by the overall plot. The script hits all of the stale crime tropes, including such boring favorites as the roughed up illegal busts, the public killings, the smoky late nights with files, the disgruntled and nervous police wife, a higher-up saying "you're over the line!", the main villain saying "I see myself as a businessman", and a scene where someone tells a personal story before then viciously injuring their prey. The movie makes up for its story shortcomings with a pulsating musical score, fluidly moving cinematography, stylish direction, and perfectly fine performances by Jean Dujardin (as Michel) and Gilles Lellouche as kingpin "Tany" Zampa. A cool and gritty tale that isn't totally fresh yet still delectable.


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