Monday, November 30, 2015

My Tops of 2015 - November

I AM BIG BIRD: THE CAROL SPINNEY STORY was a wonderful examination on one of the hardest working actors in pop culture today.

THE NIGHTMARE was all style over substance, as Rodney Atkins gives life to people's strange tales of sleep paralysis.

SICARIO was an engaging crime thriller that dares to put its female lead in a passive position in order to make a political point.

THE CONNECTION is slick, gritty, and supplied with a really good soundtrack and fluidly moving camerawork. Unfortunately, it does fall prey to generic crime story trappings.

DANGEROUS MEN narrowly misses out on being included in this year's consideration but it would have won both Worst Film of 2015 and Best Guilty Pleasure.

I AM THOR quickly goes through the life of a male bodybuilder/entertainer/metal singer/Z-movie actor before embarking on what can be called This Is Spinal Tap in real life.

As per usual, my on-going best and worst lists are now hidden from public view. They will pop back up and be fully completed in the first couple of days of 2016. Until then, enjoy the holidays and the catch-up of 2015 films!

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