Sunday, November 30, 2014

Raze - Review

Several women are forced by a secret society to fight each other to the death, for their own amusement and to bring glory to a female figure-head. RAZE is nothing more than 87 minutes of rampant female on female violence, possessing no unique spin or true purpose to its torturous exploitation. There are several things I did like about it: solid B-movie acting, bloody practical effects, cool opening credits, and an uncommon musical score. But again, I can't really bump up my grade with these factors because I had an overall miserable time sitting through the film. The script is high school stupid, never truly explaining how this bloodthirsty group gets away with the massive kidnappings, bumping off the human collateral if their fighters refuse to go for the jugular, or how they even implanted all of these security cameras inside all of those houses. And of course, the majority of the characters were victims before being sent to the bricked-up arena, suffering from mental ailments or were assaulted/punished by men in their previous lives. You are better off hitting the stop button right after the prologue, simply because it's the short film that helped funded the feature length version; it tells the story better and leaves out all of the further dumb ideas.


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