Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Boxcar Children - Review

Based on the popular, long-running children book series, a group of orphaned siblings (two boys, two girls) searching for a place to call home find it in the form of a derelict boxcar in the middle of the forest. THE BOXCAR CHILDREN is nearly conflict-free, slowly strolling along with its kid antics and offering little to no danger or suspense after a badly thought out opening chapter with an evil baker's wife. You would think that the children would suffer some suitable-for-kids-watching blights like minor starvation but the money is always plentiful and bland leader Henry keeps bringing new groceries to the others. The animation style is of course pretty old-fashioned and frankly creepy yet the plastic-like CGI eventually becomes acceptable to take in. That is, after you fully bring yourself to accepting the floating fabrics, the characters' inability to truly eat or drink, the syncing issues, and the sheer fact that the family dog is way too big. Despite not really enjoying the film, I obviously know that this wasn't created for my age demographic and mental prowess. It's perfectly suitable for kids, allowing them to imagine themselves into the worn-out shoes of the Alden crew, and it can easily pacify the twerps for 81 minutes.


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