Monday, January 23, 2017

Initial Reaction to the 2017 Razzies Nominations

As usual, the Razzie people went for the easy pickings. Unfortunately for my critical self, the easy pickings are completely justifiable over some of the dreck I had to sit through.

This year's set of nominations is predominately taken up by the same six movies. Of them, I didn't see Dirty Grandpa (I never got around to it despite Mark Kermode's heated hatred for it) or Hilary's America (didn't want to pay for a ticket and the resulting election turned me away from politic "docs").

Virtually unknown comedy director Dan Mazer proved to be the odd man out in the Worst Director race, as the other Worst Picture nominees had their respective directors "honored". The man behind Dirty Grandpa was instead swapped out with Tyler Perry, whose Boo! A Madea Halloween also picked a nom for Worst Actress (har har) and Worst Screen Combo for Tyler Perry and his worn out Madea wig (again, har har).

Zach Snyder is most likely going to win but I could see it going to Alex Proyas, mainly just for his infamous rant at professional critics for daring to call his new film garbage. I personally had some cheesy fun with it but it was often boring.

No David Ayer for Worst Director? Very odd that slipped by. He did pick a nom for Worst Screenplay which is understandable considering the film's confusing story and clunky dialogue (see the intro of Katana for verified proof).

As seen in my Top 10 of the Worst Razzie Picks, I loathe whenever the Razzies go political. Dinesh D'Souza could be the only exception to this rule as his "documentaries" are often lambasted but I can't really say since I have never seen one of them. Still, I'm not particularly happy with his or Rebekah Turner's nominations in the leading acting categories.

"Martha?" aside, Ben Affleck was fine as Batman. No need to be a jerk and drag him into the Worst Actor fight this time around.

Many people have informed me that Julia Roberts is barely in Mother's Day so why did she get a lead nom?

I feel bad for Naomi Watts and Shailene Woodley earning noms mainly for The Divergent Series: Alliegant. Were they really that bad or did the Razzie community just need to fill up the ballot?

They had to get their hate in for Johnny Depp and Nicolas Cage somewhere, this time in the Worst Supporting Actor race. Too bad they will be defeated by Jesse Eisenberg or Jared Leto. Hell, they might give it to both of them!

Speaking of Depp, how in the hell did he not get his nod also for his awful supporting turn in Yoga Hosers?

I have issues with the Worst Supporting Actress category. Again, it just seems that they needed to fatten up the ballot so they just picked whatever. Jane Seymour is just a cameo in Fifty Shades of Black, barely in two brief scenes and really undeserving to be nominated. I guess they wanted to get her simply for the stupid racist family dinner gag. I've heard Aubrey Plaza is one of the few committed to the role and funny parts of Dirty Grandpa so she could have been cut. And seriously, Sela Ward? She's fine in her small role. How come she's the sole acting nomination from Independence Day: Resurgence? Where the hell is Liam Hemsworth and Not Will Smith?

I would have hated seeing her thrown in the mud but if Holly Hunter was nominated for Worst Supporting Actress, I could accept it.

Collateral Beauty sneaks in with just one nomination for Worst Screen Combo. I do love the Razzies' description for it: "The entire cast of once respected actors".

No Razzie Redeemer Award! I guess they quietly retired it along with the rest of their lame one-time jokey subcategories.

As for the snubs: I wish Meet The Blacks was somewhere because it really is as bad as you can get when it comes to filmmaking; Rob Zombie not being up for Worst Director is peculiar; Cell was too obscure for the Razzies but they could at least give John Cusack or Stephen King's script a dishonorable nod; and Kindergarten Cop 2 not being up for Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel? For shame!

Not much bile directed towards the Razzies this year for me. You can't really complain about it too much when again, it's really just a race between six bad films.

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