Monday, January 30, 2017

Streets of Fire Finally Coming To Blu-Ray!

My prayers have been answered! Walter Hill's underrated masterpiece Streets of Fire is finally coming to Blu-ray courtesy of Shout! Factory.

As you can see from my current and long-standing website banner, I'm a huge fan of the 1984 action MTV musical. The film flopped upon its initial release but became a very popular and influential movie over in Japan, where it helped shape many video games and famous anime titles such as Bubblegum Crisis and Megazone 23. Meanwhile in America, the public was more in tune with its soundtrack, most notably Dan Hartman's "I Can Dream About You". It has since developed a big cult following and has several famous admirers such as director Edgar Wright.

This isn't the first time the movie is presented in high definition however. The film was first released on the ill-fated HD-DVD, where it retained the less-than-stellar recent video cover art of Michael Paré holding a rifle and Diane Lane holding on to his arm. Expect a new beautiful cover for the film from Shout! Factory, along with a flip-side cover of the original poster art.

This fantastic announcement did dash a recent plan for myself doing a personal listicle of films I want to come to Blu-ray, with Streets of Fire naturally taking the top spot. I do expect to compile it together some day so be on the lookout for it.

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