Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Haunted House 2 - Review

Marlon Wayans ditches his demon-possessed girlfriend after they re-enact the infamous ending to THE DEVIL INSIDE, but without the whole car destruction because that would cost money this sequel does not wish to spend. One year later, he moves into another house with new wife Jaime Pressly and her two kids, only to be spooked again by a new array of horror movies to spoof, including THE LAST EXORCISM 2. Remember that great classic? A HAUNTED HOUSE 2 is an aggravating experience to endure, made more brutal if you don't have headache medicine on stand-by. The majority of the jokes are sex-related, climaxing early with an unbearably long sequence where Wayans goes through the entire Kama Sutra with the doll from THE CONJURING. When the characters aren't talking about "boxes" or having a penis emerging from the back of their mouths, they are trading racial and gender epithets or reinforcing stereotypes. Many of the "comedy" centerpieces are a pummeling rush of quick cuts and cartoonishly physical violence, showing that director Michael Tiddes has no time for comprehension. Acting wise, Wayans has taken over Nick Swardson's position as the franchise's cancerous eyesore. He is completely insufferable here, constantly screaming, disrobing, prat-falling, screaming, and screaming; seriously, this guy thinks that bellowing for a full 15 seconds is a great punchline. However, the only time a true laugh is generated from this film is when Wayans takes a beat to mock how the SCARY MOVIE series suck now because The Wayans aren't a part of it anymore. Oh, how cheeky of you, you whiny hypocrite.


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