Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Horrors of October - The Undying Monster (#7)

The Undying Monster (1942)

I was still in the mood for some more werewolf pics, so I decided to check out this diamond in the rough from underrated director John Brahm. Unfortunately, calling it a diamond gives it too much praise for what is otherwise a normal 40's matinee movie. The House of Hammond has been afflicted by an unknown, supernatural curse from generation to generation, and it's up to a Scotland Yard detective to identify it and stop it from taking more innocent lives. Though I already spoiled the surprise (it's fairly obvious in the first couple minutes) you will have to wait patiently in order to see a lycanthrope because THE UNDYING MONSTER is more of a mystery tale than a horror story. A great majority of the time is spent on the characters cracking wise, searching the entire house, arguing over unspoken secrets, and getting caught red-handed while destroying evidence. Hell, there is even a sequence where an official trial takes place inside the house! When we finally get to the finale, the fireworks factory opens for business and we get a chase around the moors. Though I mock its preference for investigation scenes over bloodshed, the film is a watchable feature, barely over a hour in length and possessing some impressive elements, such as a shot positioned from inside a fireplace. Not a great treasure but okay for an afternoon viewing.


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