Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Knights of Badassdom - Review

Seeking to get their doom metal-playing best friend (Ryan Kwanten) out of his funk of being dumped by his career-seeking girlfriend, and out of the castle where they all live in (?), an accidental millionaire (Steve Zahn) and his shroom-eating buddy (Peter Dinklage) shanghai him into a weekend of LARPing in the woods. The fantasy elements become real, however, when they inadvertently summon a succubus from a magic tome that they bought off of eBay. KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM is a serviceable action-comedy, which turns into full-on horror once the night festivities begin, with a game cast (Dinklage having the most of the fun) and some impressive creature effects. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to praise and/or decry it any further due to the extensive backstage problems the movie has suffered from. For you see, this theatrical cut was chopped up by the film's producers; director Joe Lynch has disowned the entire project because of this interference. Judging from what's giving in front of me, the most obvious dumb decision done by the money men is the splattering of red-black subtitles throughout it, often relaying nothing of note. I say that these lame texts are the fault of the producers because the film's flat ending is entirely slathered by them, causing the rushed epilogue to become the worst Powerpoint presentation ever to debut on the big screen and be printed for home viewing. Chances of the original cut popping up soon is very slim but honestly, there really is not much in this butchered feature to warrant it right now.


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