Friday, October 10, 2014

Horrors of October - Jack Frost (#10)

Jack Frost (1997)

Serial killer Jack Frost is being transported one very wintery night to his execution, only for him to survive a car crash but be dosed with unknown chemicals. Despite the total evaporation his entire body, his mixed-up genes and soul bond with the loose snow on the ground, allowing him to resume his crime spree as a killer snowman. JACK FROST is still known mainly for two big things. First, it came out one year before the equally named, crappy Michael Keaton film, which lead to much confusion and fun at video stores in the late 90's. And secondly, it not only has the distinction of featuring the first true acting gig for Shannon Elizabeth, but the later AMERICAN PIE star was "lucky" enough to be spotlighted in the film's most memorable/infamous kill, where Frost poses as bath water before then raping and killing the naked Elizabeth. The kill would be in very bad taste if not for the sheer incompetence of the snowman puppet, which is way too rubbery and can only move when on an unseen dolly. Make no mistake, this movie is a really dumb horror-comedy, laden with horrible one-liners and lame low-budget effects, but the stupid charm of it all does win out sometimes. Director Michael Cooney protracts all of the "suspenseful" sequences, namely the prison ordeal and the final chase, yet he does give the picture some artistic flair, such as a jokey take of the opening car accident and shots from the perspective of melted snow. The movie also distinctly stands out for its peculiar opening and closing credits. And of course, the goofy idea of a menacing snowman at least warrants a watch, albeit something you might want on your streaming record.


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