Friday, October 31, 2014

My Horror/Halloween Hit List

Throughout this month, I have been watching and reviewing horror or horror-themed films in honor of the Halloween spirit. Along with the mandatory film of the day, as well as any additional movie added to a certain day. This is all of the movies I watched for the first time or re-watched:

The ABCs of Death
Argento's Dracula
Creepshow 2
The Dark
Deep Red (Profondo Rosso)
Devil's Due
Dog Soldiers
Garth Marenghi's Darkplace
The Giant Claw
Halloween II
A Haunted House 2
Jack Frost
Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell
Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated
A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge
The Prowler
Q - The Winged Serpent
Return of the Killer Tomatoes!
Rifftrax Live!: Anaconda
Terminator II (Shocking Dark)
Toy Story of Terror!
Trick 'r Treat
The Undying Monster
The Ward
White Zombie
Witch's Night Out
Witchfinder General (The Conqueror Worm)
Zombie Lake

37 works this year. Pretty much everything I said in October of last year can be copied and pasted: the fun daily reviews took time away from writing up 2014 film reviews, didn't watch a whole franchise yet again (Final Destination was my choice), and I missed out on watching several movies I wanted to do (Stephen King's It, The Loved Ones, The Strangers, Let the Right One In, Jim Mickie Double Feature, New French Extremity, etc). Will I do it again next year? Perhaps.

To end this trek in grand fashion, let's hand out some awards!

Best Film (First Watch) - Trick 'r Treat
Best Film (Re-Watch) - Seven
Worst Film - Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated
Worst Horror Film of 2014 - Nurse
Best Kill - Shotgun head explosion (The Prowler)
Worst Kill - Any of the deaths from Killdozer
Most WTF Kill - Death by giant mantis (Argento's Dracula)
Best "Gotcha!" Ending - The protagonist gets his dick ripped off! (Pieces)
Worst "Gotcha!" Ending - I'm in the medicine cabinet! (The Ward)
Best Film Score - Deep Red
Worst Makeup - The zombies in Zombie Lake
Best Flying Monster - Q - The Winged Serpent
Worst Flying Monster - The Giant Claw
Best Episode of Darkplace - "Hell Hath Fury"
Best Shorts in The ABCs of Death - "D", "O", "Q", "R", "T", "U", "X"
Best Trailer in Mad Ron's - Carnage
Best Dancing Scene - Mark Patton moves to Fonda Rae's "Tuch Me" (Elm Street 2)
2nd Best Dancing Scene - M├Ądchen Amick rocks to The Contours' 90's take of "Do You Love Me" (Sleepwalkers)
3rd Best Dancing Scene - The patients groove to The Newbeats' "Run Baby Run" (The Ward)
Worst Dancing Scene - Brian Krause and Alice Krige swoon to Santo & Johnny's "Sleepwalk" (Sleepwalkers)
Best Dog - Sam (Dog Soldiers)
Best Cat - Clovis (Sleepwalkers)

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