Thursday, February 5, 2015

Poster Review - February 2015

A bunch of posters have come out in full force, so let's look at a few of them.

A "new vision", huh? Yeah, right. I don't know what I dislike more about this teaser: The fact that the marketers removed any mention of it being a remake of the horror classic; the inclusion of the eye-rolling, standard verbiage of "From The ____"; or eschewing the classic imagery of the static television, in favor of a plain shadowy figure hiding in the closet.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no! This is so very wrong on so many levels. Plus, it's even more worst than the modern kids' movie practice of subbing out expletives in the marketing, aka "#SmurfHappens" or "What the Shrek Happened?"

Finishing up this trilogy of characters refusing to look forward, we have this lame joke. Get it, the poster is an advertisement for a comedy sequel while also itself being a sequel to a much more funnier teaser poster! What I hate the most about this poster, however, is that the visual gag was already used during the promotion of the now-legendary bomb A Million Ways to Die in the West.

In terms of poster art featuring a play on the words of "Coming Soon", I feel this one is not only better than Ted 2, but more refreshingly frank.

Looks more like a John Woo film that a sequel to a YA adaptation that everyone begrudgingly went to and quickly forgot about.

Ryan Gosling's directorial debut returned to the main spotlight this week, when the trailer and poster premiered online. Though I'm still a bit concerned about the movie after the harsh notices it received at Cannes last year, this poster is an amazing blend of nightmare fuel and fantasy.

I'm still looking forward to seeing the film but this is just an ugly design that is far from being hilarious.

Pretty standard banal poster for a Liam Neeson action film. I only highlight this simply because I feel that it straight up shows us that not only is Neeson the new Bronson but he's starting to morph into him.

Well, I will be totally fine, still living up in the North, and maybe hanging out with some family members. No cause for concern.

And we finish up this edition with what has to be the early frontrunner for Worst Movie Poster of 2015. Mexican posters for American comedies tend to generate the absolutely horrendous visuals to be crafted by unskilled hands and a bad version of Photoshop. Look no further than last year's Walk of Shame or the infamous monstrosity for Chef. This poster for Tom McCarthy's The Cobbler can now join this Hall of Shame, with its terrible use of perspective, a neck-breaking enabriated Adam Sandler, and the stone old gag of a comedian wearing lady footwear.

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