Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX Movie Trailers Overview

Super Bowl XLIX was frankly an average football game until the thrilling last two minutes, where the Seattle Seahawks found themselves on the verge of triumph with an "are you kidding me?" catch, only to wash it all away with the horrible decision to do a passing play on the 1-yard line, which turned into an interception and the end of the game. The commercials once again all sucked: Too many boring car commercials; a badly edited, overhyped sequel to Budweiser's puppy commercial from last year; and of course, the now legendarily awful commercial from Nationwide Insurance, where a daydreaming kid reveals that he died.

As with last year, I wanted to check out and review the few movie trailers that had to squeeze through the blocks of commercialistic tripe. Did any of them work? Let's find out:

I'm going to start with the only one I truly liked: Minions eschewed a standard montage of film clips in favor of an animated riff on football fans. It just has the right amount of cute and the slimly raunchy finale is a delight (the online-only epilogue makes it even more funny).

Tomorrowland was just like its teaser trailer: severely lacking any plot details and throws in a couple of space visuals.

Seth MacFarlane avoided the pitfall he made for himself with last year's commercial for his dreadful cowboy comedy and used his spot for Ted 2 by relishing one raunchy gag: Wahlberg and Ted sneak up on Tom Brady while he's sleeping, in order to steal his golden semen. Made football fans laugh but I was not amused.

I also wasn't smiling after viewing the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 and its own football superstar inclusion, namely singing Green Bay Packers.

Furious 7 spoiled its money shot. It was really cool but they should have at least cut it so that we don't see the car crashing into the other building. For you see, that would create something that's called a cliffhanger, and many trailer editors don't like to do these anymore.

Fifty Shades of Grey was just a tamer version of the first trailer, with very little changes save for a cheeky Xbox joke.

Jurassic World quickly told its main plot in the span of a single minute. I wish more official trailers would utilize that method, allowing us viewers to not feel totally spoiled with every single preview.

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