Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Spider-Man Joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

I generally don't do these superhero movie updates anymore for a couple of reasons. First, you can easily find this info everywhere, on every single movie, comic book, or entertainment site, all regurgitating the same facts or rumors before then putting a little personal sidenote to make it "original". Secondly, unless there's more to the story or some backstage drama going on like the Edgar Wright/Ant-Man dilemma, I don't really have anything to really explore upon or truly make a comment on.

That all being said, this is a pretty big deal to note in web history. As reported by Marvel Studios themselves, the film company has reached a business agreement with Sony Pictures, which will allow the character of Spider-Man to enter into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite the firm handshake and the allowance of heroes and villains to appear in either studio's films in the future, Sony will still retain the film rights to Spider-Man and have total creative control over its franchise. With the announcement, Sony also stated that the next installment of Spidey's adventures will come out on July 28, 2017. Anyway with Comics Alliance's helpful SuperMovies chart can see the potential problem with that date but the two studios have already figured that out. Since the tentative The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (or something else?) is now coming out on that summer day, the previous occupant Thor: Ragnarok is taking Black Panther's spot on November 3, 2017, which then causes that film to take over Captain Marvel's spot on July 6, 2018, which then causes that film to take over Inhumans's spot on November 2, 2018, which causes that film to be moved to July 12, 2019. See why I don't like to do these new stories?

Bottomline, this is the best outcome for both brands. Marvel gets to have their prized champion back under the wing to a certain extant while also keeping Sony happy. Meanwhile, Sony gets to piggyback off the continuing successful future of Marvel Studios, while also allowing the studio to have a full chance at rehabilitating their cornerstone franchise after a boringly dismal reboot, a horrible sequel, dwindling popularity and lower-than-expected box office grosses.

As with many who are wishing and hoping after hearing this breaking news today, I too desire that Spidey pops in Captain America: Civil War and is the Miles Morales version of the character, thus saving us from another whitebread hero, another Peter Parker, and another origin story.

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