Sunday, October 2, 2016

Horrors of October - April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day (1986)

Rich girl Muffy invites her socially and economically different college buddies to her inherited island mansion for a prank laden, sexually raging weekend, only for someone to crash the party and kill them off one by one. APRIL FOOL'S DAY is more famous for its iconic movie poster, which made it a true standout in video stores, than as an average slasher. The movie follows along the normal beaten path of "joke, sex, kill" throughout and possesses that always hilarious problem of everyone being oblivious to the strange behavior of one person. However, all of these issues are clearly intended by the makers and leads to a twist ending that you can safely guess; at the time of release and during the VHS heyday, the finale was fairly groundbreaking but now comes as an expected outcome to a horror-comedy. That's right, the movie is imbued with humor to a significant degree, allowing the film to serve as a foreshadowing of future slasher films, as it blends a self-aware tone to the murder mystery. If you want to kill an afternoon with a safe slasher or just want to see Thomas F. Wilson in an 80's film where he's not playing Biff Tanner, this is a serviceable choice. And yes, I'm aware that having this review would have been better to be posted on the 1st of October but considering that the film doesn't really take place on the April holiday, not to mention that it happens over the course of two days, special attention was not needed.


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