Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Horrors of October - The Corpse Grinders

The Corpse Grinders (1971)

Cats are suddenly thrown on to people, I mean, attacking and munching on people all over the city. A flirty doctor and his nurse have too much time on their hands so they go searching for the reason behind the attacks, eventually stumbling across a local cat food company with a deadly secret recipe. THE CORPSE GRINDERS is courtesy of Ted V. Mikels, one of the most shoddiest exploitation directors of all time. Better known for directing the MST3K favorite GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS, Mikels here produces another one of his spaced out stinkers. It's a hoot for cult fanatics but practically unbearable for normal viewers thanks to its rancid acting, dismal storytelling, unfocused camerawork, laughable props and pathetic editing. The movie consistently jumps from one warped individual to the next, mainly just to play up the poorly produced camp aspect of the film or tell a lame doctor's joke. Several important scenes are atrocious to sit through thanks to cat cries that override the rest of the audio or sudden jump cuts of a grinder running. It doesn't care about explaining why the police or the wandering Robert Goulet-looking detective aren't do anything to stop all the desecration of human flesh. Instead, it would rather spend a few minutes following a random secretary as she leaves work, walks home, take out some groceries, strips to her undies, awkwardly pour out some Budweiser, lay in a stiff sexy pose on the couch and slowly slip her drink while watching her stories. If you handle that plodding diversion and need something quick and easy to watch with some friends and some drinks, this no budget flick could do the trick.


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