Thursday, October 20, 2016

Horrors of October - Wolfcop

Wolfcop (2014)

A boozed-up deputy receives no respect in his small town until a group of devil worshippers forcibly transforms him into a werewolf. Now brimming with fur, violent rage, and more liquor, he's ready to horrifically take out those who wish to do harm. WOLFCOP thankfully lives up to its cult film aspirations and delivers a rollicking wild ride. Director Lowell Dean and his small cast and crew all clearly had a lot of fun making this flick and expertly handle the "can't miss" potential out of a chaotic good werewolf. The film runs at a quick clip so as not to spoil its delicious fruit but the makers do cram a little too much in the story, to the point where many subplots are left unanswered. The reason for the creation of a werewolf is laid out in a whole storyline involving the real puppeteers of the town, which is very easy to solve but leads to an odd reveal where even more supernatural players are involved. The practical transformation effects are eye-popping in the amount of vicious detail, going the route of "the beast inside" instead of the more easy choice of a very hairy man. The liberal usage of CGI effects, however, are noticeably and glaringly woeful to look at. Also, this is movie is extremely Canadian, to the point where the protagonist's name contains a pun for the viewers in Quebec. If you're in the mood for gory police work and crazy low-budget horror antics, check this out next time on Netflix.


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