Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Horrors of October - Mystics in Bali

Mystics in Bali (1981)

A witchcraft researcher travels to Bali in order to write a book about the Leyak, a mythical vampire-like entity consisting of a floating head and organs. She comes into contact with a Leyak witch and during the course of learning her ways becomes a Leyak herself. MYSTICS IN BALI has spread like wildfire on the internet among horror fans due to its sheer WTF factor and bringing into light one of the weirdest creatures imaginable. Over the course of the film, you bare witness to the unholy sight of glaringly bad special effects done on video, disgusting transformations, an old lady turning into a pig woman complete with floppy breasts, a woman vomiting up live mice, a triple threat match between flying flaming balls on strings, and a pregnant woman having her newborn baby sucked out of her and dined on by, again, a floating head and organs. All of that plus a magic showdown finale should have made this a fantastic watch. Unfortunately, the film is a dull ride from beginning to end. You have to sit through an endless loop of a magic training scene followed up by a non-romantic scene between the brain dead main actress and her friend-zoned Indonesian buddy. Additionally, you must tolerate the incessant laughing of the witch, which gets aggressively annoying after her first appearance, and the sheer confusion of random characters intruding into the frame or stating the obvious. The ending also kills any chance of fun with its suddenness of saying "ah, screw this" and having the sun come out, which is bad for these type of vampires I guess, and quickly cutting to black after barely any resolution. Stick with the online clips of this bizarre film and avoid any chance to actually partake in its full tiresome form.


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