Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Batman is Shown and New Gambit is Cast

Director Zack Synder posted the above photo through his twitter account, giving us the first look at Ben Affleck's Batman and another view of the redesigned Batmobile.

As expected, Batman's costume will be more in-line with the vision of Frank Miller when he crafted The Dark Knight Returns: Bulky body suit, short ears, and a giant bat emblem. No word on whether on or not his black underoos will be present (very likely no). Honestly, the outfit is pretty cool, even though I am sick of the prolificness of Miller's influence on superhero media today, especially in the case of DC's doom-and-gloom works.

To still be a petty nitpicker, Snyder could have shot any pic to go viral and the one he choose to put up has Batman with a sad face. I guess the massive despair of the world of Man of Steel will continue, regardless of the public outcry. Let's continue to wait and see whether Synder and his awful cohort Goyer will deliver another terrible film or blow everyone away this time around.

In other news, Channing Tatum has been cast as Gambit. Gambit, the skinny Cajun mutant of the X-Men. A really odd choice you got there, 20th Century Fox. I have turned a new leaf with Tatum and now see him as a very capable performer, who at least keeps trying to experiment and expand his range. I'm more concerned with the fact that someone thought that Gambit could hold his own movie in this day and age. Expect him to throw charged-up playing cards, talk about his Bayou days, tell his brother Bobby to shut up, and wipe away the memory of Taylor Kitsch. Poor Kitsch still can't catch a break.

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