Thursday, May 29, 2014

Trailer Review - The Book of Life

The Book of Life
1st Trailer
Watch It Here

Person of Interest: Diego Luna as matador-turned-skeleton Manolo, Zoe Saldana as his living main squeeze Maria, Channing Tatum as don juan Joaquin, Christina Applegate as a museum guide, and Ron Perlman as an evil composite of Jafar and The Devil.

Scene Pop: No specific shot but the "Dia de Muertos" character designs are all very rich.

Briggs Breakdown: 4 autographs, a quick jab, a deadly snake bite, a giant ball maze, a giant knight and his longsword, and Donkey Kong carrying around unlimited churros.

Effective?: Yes. The story is laid out, clearly notifies all of the players and pieces, and it's able to show off the amazing art direction within the truncated time-limit. I could have certainly do away with the annoying song coda that appears at every kids movie nowadays though.

Check it Out?: Yes. The movie will be mocked by the jaded as a rip-off of Corpse Bride but it has its own energy and none of despairing tone of that film. However, like ParaNorman and this year's Underdogs, this will most likely have cult appeal and less-than-stellar box office returns. 20th Century Fox is obviously banking on the Latino demographic, hoping that those who made Instructions Not Included a sleeper hit will bring their kids again for this.

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