Thursday, May 22, 2014

Trailer Review - Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6
1st Teaser Trailer
Watch It Here

Person of Interest: Robot boy genius Hiro Hamada and his synthetic creation Baymax.

Scene Pop: See my pick when discussing the teaser trailer for Frozen.

Briggs Breakdown: 6 robot armor pieces that need to go on.

Effective?: Yes, but only as a comedic short. The connection to the Marvel Universe isn't addressed, nor does it show the rest of the team.

Check it Out?: Again, like the Frozen trailer, it's impossible to judge right now. I'll admit that the gags present here are very funny but I do wish that the superhero team angle was stated. Without it, this teaser will have many thinking this is a Iron Giant-like movie, which possibly is where the story will go when focused on Hiro.

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