Saturday, May 31, 2014

Poster Review - May 2014

A great creation, even though it's more Spielbergesque than the next big movie from Christopher Nolan.

This will certainly be hung up in every little boy's room for the rest of the year.

After two great posters for their previous entries, the V/H/S series now has their first dud.

On one hand, it's yet another generic Marvel poster: overstuffed with characters, random explosions and dismay, etc. On the other, it clearly states to the public, "THIS IS THE NEW AND BETTER STAR WARS YOU WANTED!"

I'm totally confused. The first sentence of the tagline proclaims this will be an "animals goes wild" flick, but then the next sentence says it's a corrupt cop movie, but then the poster image labels it as a were-hyena horror film. Make up your mind!

Way too vague and the paper rip outline tells us nothing. Makes the movie look like an indie remake of The Shining.

A brave yet clever design.

Unless you're British, you'll think this poster is for a feature length adaptation of the Peanut-Butter-Jelly-Time! meme. Nice of them to steal Mike Barton's pro-wrestling slogan for the twitter marketing.

This Japanese variant is far more effective, far more terrifying than the standard American poster.

What the hell is wrong with Cage's head?! He looks like the waiting room voodoo guy in Beetlejuice. Also, the background people look mildly perturbed that the "Rapture" is happening.

This is the character poster that the MPAA "banned" from public displays in the last couple of days, much to the marketing happiness of The Weinstein Company. Nothing you haven't seen before, let alone in comic books.

Thanks to this poster, I'm going to believe the movie ends with a tight close-up of the protagonist, as she frets in the back of a car (Guess that movie!).

So the boy from the first movie somehow transformed into a dolphin? I hope he knows that dolphins are sex maniacs, carry STDs, and like to eat the young.

Why that stupid face? And what the hell is with the clouds?!

Tells you the body count, tells you the villain, and throws you through a loop with the auteur credit. Simply good.

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