Friday, October 30, 2015

Horrors of October - Chopping Mall

Chopping Mall (1986)

New motorized security robots change their safety settings from stun to kill and go on a rampage inside a shopping mall. And wouldn't know it, a group of horny teens thought it would be a good idea to hump around in a mattress store. CHOPPING MALL is one of those perfect examples where a film title matters; it was originally released as KILLBOTS and failed pretty badly, so producer Roger and Julie Corman re-released under a more catchy and slasher-friendly name. The movie itself is goofy fun, with some thankfully resourceful characters running around the famed Sherman Oaks Galleria and delivering some quippy lines. The robots start off using their regular weapons (tranquilizers, robo-pincers, taser) before the makers say "screw it" and have the little tanks blast out laser beams. Then you have the cult friendly cast: Kelli Maroney as the final girl, Barbara Crampton as the weakling, John Terlesky as the jock, and Dick Miller as a lowly janitor. All that plus a cameoing Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov in the opening scene, playing their same characters from EATING RAOUL! Clocking in at 76 minutes and instantly gaining charm due to it being set at a mall, CHOPPING MALL is a breezy watch.


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