Monday, October 19, 2015

Horrors of October - Curse of Chucky

Curse of Chucky (2013)

A mysterious package is sent to a dysfunctional family living in an ancient house, containing a certain Good Guy who mysteriously keeps disappearing. CURSE OF CHUCKY was an attempt by the original creators of the CHILD'S PLAY franchise to return the evil living toy to his horror roots, removing the campier aspects to the character that were brought in with BRIDE and SEED OF CHUCKY. For the first hour of the movie, this dark reboot-sequel ultimately works; the southern gothic tale (despite taking place in Rhode Island) has a couple nice twists, gently handled direction and scares, a pinch of black comedy, good acting, brutal kills, and one juicy looking vegan-approved chili. The last 30 or so minutes however spoil the broth it had cooked up. The characters suddenly turn extra stupid, pathetic ret-cons are thrown in for no reason, and the story heads down the obvious concluding path to these doll-killing predicaments. Unfortunately for writer-director-creator Don Mancini, this generic outcome is ripped to shreds by a huge plot hole; let's just say a certain popular device among curious couples is implemented. To further exasperate matters, the true ending negates the entire reasoning for this picture, once again making the horror icon and his world into a comedic farce. Though I do hate the massive souring I had to ingest in the end, CURSE OF CHUCKY is still satisfactory to watch.


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