Saturday, October 24, 2015

Horrors of October - Inside

Inside (2007)

A pregnant woman spends Christmas Eve alone in her house only to be harassed by an unknown woman in black. INSIDE has to be one of the bloodiest films I have ever seen; Herschell Gordon Lewis would puke his guts out if he ever saw this. You already get your fill and more so in the fluid enriched opening credits, only for directors Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo to continue pouring the red-dyed water and corn syrup all over the walls, the actors, the clothes, the floors and even the stairs. I am not kidding when I say that this is a true blue room-clearer and many will not make it past the thirty minute mark; if you somehow go beyond that point, the penultimate scene will destroy you. Story wise, however, the film doesn't have as much life to it as it should. Anybody can figure out the mystery in the opening act, the villainess is way too invincible at times, and the incompetence of the police is baffling. On the other hand, what remains is a disturbing and absorbing thriller filled with a few clever twists and small beats for everybody, including the audience, to catch their breath. Stars Alysson Paradis and BĂ©atrice Dalle are both excellent in their roles, though Dalle gets to shine more as the shadowy black widow. Maury and Bustillo thankfully do not let the massive bloodshed upstage their work, creating many wonderful dark moments and some utterly frightening imagery. And that final shot, dear lord is it beautiful and unnerving. The two Frenchmen unfortunately trip themselves when it comes to the brief usage of CGI, including some tasteless shots of the heroine's living baby. But do take note: the producers forced these baby snippets into the final cut against the wishes of the directing duo, who have since disowned them. I must be one sick mama jama for liking this bloody affair but that's what happens when you experience an unique film that attacks your physical and mental being.


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