Thursday, December 17, 2015

Infini - Review

Earth's farthest most planetary outpost is mysteriously ready to send out a payload of destructive minerals to annihilate the home planet. An attempt to send in a group of soldiers through fast teleportation fails and causes the entire military branch to wiped out. A second group of elite operatives is sent in, only to experience the aftermath of the first encounter and the violent cause of it. INFINI is a surprisingly effective sci-fi thriller from Australia, able to deliver a quality story and potent acting on a small practical budget. Even though it clearly homages sci-fi movies of the past, the most obvious one being the cult classic EVENT HORIZON, the film has an aura of savage tension of its own, as its players experience multiple psychological horrors and engage in hostile banter, which the makers do a great job at designing. It does have some stumbling though: The central puzzle can be solved by attentive ears in a key area or from the very first scene and the last half hour kinda peters out thanks to a unnecessary fistfight and a not-at-all ambiguous concluding chapter. Still, INFINI is a serviceable watch and a refreshing take on space drama.


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