Monday, December 7, 2015

Stung - Review

A two-person catering company picked the wrong job to accept as a gathering of rich people turns deadly when mutated wasps swarm in and use the humans as hosts for bigger mutated wasps. STUNG is a very serviceable B-movie (sorry), filled with above average practical effects, creepy gore effects and plenty of slimy goo to go around. Even with a very quick running time of 87 minutes, the film does feel slow at times due to clumsy dramatics, a badly executed romance subplot, and a main character that is either a pot-smoking geek, a spastic physical comedian, or a way too effective action hero depending on the direction of a scene. The lighting is often a bit of distraction due to its constant switching between low exposure, in order to hide the effects work, and the annoying generic palette of teal and orange. The film also doesn't explain why all of these Americans are conducting their business and pleasure in what is clearly an European town. Despite the misgivings, STUNG is still a worthy effort to bring a modern indie take of old creature features.


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