Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Ridiculous 6 - Review

A white man raised by the Apache tribe (oh boy) finally meets up with his birth father until an outlaw gang come riding in and snatch him away. During his journey to come up with the money to pay off his dad's debt, the "White Shadow" inadvertently meets up with five half-brothers and assembles a gang of his own. Do I really have to explain why THE RIDICULOUS 6 is awful? I really shouldn't because for the most part, this is completely just another one of Adam Sandler's lazy and bro-friendly anti-comedies. At first, you'll have a hard time believing it's supposed to be a comedy at all because the western aspects are played totally straight. There's expansive and decorative landscapes shots and a couple of sequences where the conflict turns surreal. But then comes some projectile poop and you remember who's at the helm. Sandler's distasteful jokes remain the same, all revolving around animal excrement, sexualized women, fornication humor, weird human defects, dick-based talents, and ingestion of gross things; the few new ones added include self-mutilation and a hanging being turned into a circus show. This movie is somehow nearly two hours long, a death knell for comedies in general, despite it pretty much ready to wrap itself up around the first hour mark. Sandler and director Frank Coraci wouldn't have that, so they thrown in more pathetic cameos (Vanilla Ice is now a rapping Mark Twain!) and a long, bone-dry segment where the protagonists play the first ever game of baseball. Let's quickly go through the actors: Sandler is stiffer than a board and very uncharismatic as his Martin Sue, Rob Schneider is outacted in every shot by his donkey buddy, Terry Crews sadly tries to make his unimportant character work, Luke Wilson is wasted as the non-entity of the group, Jorge Garcia is no Chris Farley as a fat woodsman, and Taylor Kitsch makes you want to cry bloody murder as a mentally challenged hillbilly. I'm trashing this movie severely but honestly, I sat through it all without the usual ire for Sandler flicks because I'm just tired of his stillborn art. At least it was better than A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST but that's not really saying much.


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