Monday, December 14, 2015

Insidious: Chapter 3 - Review

In this successive installment of a quickly fading horror movie franchise, the makers aka writer/director/actor Leigh Whannell though it would be wise to jump in time to the ghostly case of an abused teenager that brought the faux-Ghost Hunters and Lin Shaye's Elsie together for the first time. INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 is an absolutely useless film, designed solely to be a movie pack filler once the eventual trilogy edition is marketed and released on home video. You will feel every second of the 97 minute running time due to the pointless plot elements, trivial side characters, the way too plentiful callbacks, and Whannell's complete inability to draw up a worthy fright with the camera. The movie shots itself in the foot right out of the gate, when Shaye's character tells future victim Stefanie Scott not to contact her deceased mother, for fear of being accosted by a parasitic man with a breathing mask, only for the next scene to have the idiotic teen call out for mommy. Pretty much everybody phones it in, including one-note blank Dermot Mulroney, but the treatment of Shaye is particularly distressing as she has to endure two-thirds of the film being a scared old coot before her expected woman up. Scott, on the other hand, is so generic to a fault that she utterly flat-lines and makes you wish she just stay in "The Further", even after all of the trauma she's given and turns in a medical taped mummy. I made be way too harsh for what's basically a barely mediocre entry but this honestly doesn't expand any uncharted land, let alone give service to the art of horror.


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