Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Everybody Loves Film Delays! - Part 2

Good News! The Wolf of Wall Street isn't being delayed as previously feared, thus justifying why I don't like writing posts around rumors. The film is to come out on Christmas Day, filling up the Dragon Tattoo/Django slot for those movie-going adults looking for non-white samurai or Southern fried gothic flicks.

Bad News! There's another body to add to the pile: The Monuments Men has been moved to 2014, removing it from the Oscar competition.

According to The L.A. Times, George Clooney and crew were rushing to finish it, the same reason as a lot of these fall movies. Instead of half-assing it, Clooney and the studio decided to push the movie to a new date next year so the visual effects could be properly implemented. The article even states that at the time of interviewing him, Clooney was getting ready to record the score(!). He also stated that he wasn't really expecting any Oscar buzz for it; apparently, he hasn't seen the latest trailer done by Sony's marketing department, which removes the humor in the first trailer in favor of sweeping music and important mission statements about art and life in the second one.

To make delay matters worse, this continuing news story has often gone hand-in-hand with the news about the return of "Harvey Scissorhands", the crude yet justified name for producer Harvey Weinstein in relation to his treatment of re-cutting foreign films for the American brain dead, one of which is The Grace of Monaco.

Also, yes, Jack Ryan will be coming out, though it too may be delayed. However, I won't write another one of these for it because the trailer is so incredibly boring (Paranoia 2?) and I simply don't care.

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